Had I not stumbled I would have fallen

If that small mistake had not been made

how mistaken my life would have been

To fathom my heartís depths, how often

I would have been misled by the heartbeat of faraway

Had I not been swept aside by a rivulet

the rising tide would have drawn me under

If I hadnít been grazed by the paws of a cat

I would have fallen into the mouth of a tiger

If I hadnít stumbled in the base camp itself

I would have plummeted from 29,000 feet

If I hadnít stumbled

a mishap would have marked me forever

If a small mistake had not been made

how wrong my life would have been

[Manju Kanchuli. From: Mero Jeevan, Mero Jagat. Publisher: Royal Nepal Academy, Kathmandu, 1997. © Translation: 1998, Wayne Amtzis and Manju Kanchuli. From: The Minnesota Review, 1996]

















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