Flesh in the Pan

Like a fiery ball sent from the hottest hell I sit alone in the dark vacuum of space
an outcast from all other stars.

I sit pitch black destroying every thing that has the misfortune to pass me by just
a shadow of my former self, I used to be bright and cheery but now I'm dark and cold.

In one bright flash of fury I decentigrate billions of unsuspecting soles.

What was once a bright ball of happiness is now a dense, cold lifeless star an
odyssey to all others I'm feared and shunned for what I am.

I fall from the heavens like a fallen angel burning to the ground with increasing
speed destroying cities and lives.

If you are close enough to see my mushroom cloud it's already too late as your
eyes begin to melt from their sockets then your skin boils and burns off you die a
quick but painful death.

Like an enormous meteor sent from the depths of the earth spewing red hot molten
rock burning plants, animals and any other life that gets in its path.

The water you drink to give you life has turned to poison burning your parched throat
killing you slowly from the inside out.

The cold bony hand of death grabs me, my life draining slowly the pain of life leaving
I fall cold and limp.

Slender, majestic and muscular the tiger hunches down and crawls slowly and silently
then in a split second a flash of red and it's all over the tiger eats tonight.

I slither through the grass slowly my red and yellow stripes gleaming in the moon
light as I search for prey then as quick as lightning I strike and watch as my venom
infects my victim slowly and painfully.

The chipmunk runs across the power line not noticing the frayed wire that lays before
him in one quick bright blue flash he falls into the ongoing traffic not quite dead
his injured body run over repeatedly.

As the enormous red bull like man stands before you holding his huge pitchfork with
the glare of fire burning behind his eyes you cannot help but feel the fear of spending
an eternity with this monster.

The four gallop in like a dense fog carrying death, pestilence, famine, and war
destroying the entire world slowly killing billions with disease, hunger and hatred.

Stored in a large warhead I'm sent to your city spread over your homes as you throw
up your own internal organs that have liquefied you wander what could be making you
feel so sick then you remember hearing bought a missile loaded with anthrax
being sent not too far from your town it takes a week for you to finally die with pain
and agony.

                                                                                                                                                    [Philip Keese]

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