Kandahar Canadians

For all of our soldiers in Afghanistan


A few of us forget you

Some of us think of you every day

Some of us carry you with us as

small clouds in our thoughts, in our hearts

Some of us worry

Some of us are angry

Some of us wonder why it is you who are left

to carry out this mission of danger alone,

seeking those who pulled the tail of the tiger

and the tiger is not to be found

Some of us despair for you, in a country where

the empowered brush away human rights like

fleas on the back of their holy beast, and

silence their own who defend them

Some of us pray to other gods

Most of us understand your only choice

in all of this was to serve, and you do

without question

All of us support you, know you are there

for us, thank you with our hearts

All of us want you home, unharmed, soon

Canadians, you make us proud

Each of us wishes you safe journeys.



Published in Verse Afire, 2008


[S. A. McCormick]


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