Purple Tiger

In the space of a heartbeat,
Anything could happen.

    Multitudes could die,
    It could rain,
    And a purple tiger could come
    crashing through your roof.

That's right, a purple tiger.

We, that is, You,
Live in a logical world.
You, not me,
Try to reason it all out.
You think the world is numbers.

You tend to figure and sit,
Or sit and figure,
About these numbers.
Yet these numbers are so big,
Or so small,
That you have to shove them,
And cram them,
Into machines.
But your machines have limits,
And you have limits,
And the real world doesn't have any.

The numbers are clipped at both ends.
The numbers are fuzzy on their edges,
Fuzzy numbers.
And the further you try to define them,
The furrier they become.
And always a furry bit is left out.

But every little bit,
No matter how small,
Is an infinity.
And home to the purple tiger.
The fuzzy tiger.
It's so vicious,
So mean,
So here it comes,

                                                            [Dirk Blaha]

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