Conservation Of The Species

Seasons approaching bud and blossoms dales colour.
Giddy goats on the grassy mountain pastures grazing.
We the hunter esteemed, barbaric pleasures seeking.
A kill that satisfies the gloat for blood, a wanton death.
They know not true undertaking for rights or wrongs.
Like a prime fool they travel ever aimlessly slaying life.
Total life in the streams and common brooks disrupted.
Unaccountable travellers all who shatter the brightness.
Decimating god's creations and beauty baffled, ouch! .
No stone left unturned in their sad unending quest.
Different mothers children. A life taken savagely away.
That evil eye seeking out and searching hide and seek.
Another species dying approaching recognised extinction.
Mansion walls adorned with a forest king deers antlers.
A walking stick from a roaming African bulls ivory tusks.
Varied warm slinky fox furs draping over for sale rails.
Alas faded Bengal tiger skins licking the hearths flames.
Take no prisoners echoes the radiant Spanish bullfighter.
Gods meek and mild creatures. Conservation must Prevail.



                                                                                             [Anthony Fry]

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