A Butterfly With A Wrinkled Wing
My friends say that I'm handicapped
Because I'm not like they:
They flutter off when I come near,
And with them I can't play.
But there is nothing wrong with me;
There's just one minor thing:
I am a tiger swallowtail
Who has a wrinkled wing.
I fly as high and far as they
And pollinate as well,
But that one blemish on my wing
Soes more than words can tell.
It labels me as something weird
Which doesn't fit the mold. . .
And thus I'm forced to fly alone,
Through skies both warm and cold.
I know they'll never understand
What damage they have done
By choosing not to fly with me...
For they just think it's fun!
If only I could make them see
That beauty is wing deep,
While talent and ability
Are traits we ALL can reap !!
But I'll not let them get me down
And make me feel ashamed:
I'll simply work much harder
To prove that I'm NOT maimed!
For I'm as good and strong as they,
Unique in just one thing:
I am that tiger swallowtail
Who has a wrinkled wing.

Craig E. Burgess]

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