Sepia and Red


Four Poets from Lima  



 Villacorta, Falconí , Pólack and Chirif are aware that Lima skies barely show three or four constellations.  Even so, they write and they are aware of the drizzle and the cold damp winter weather that fogs up our glasses and papers.  And within this brief space, Lima, they conform a solid proposal that, thanks to the passing of time and reading, finds its place in an important position within Peruvian poetry.  Certainly, absences are evident within this brief sample and the root for the absences is that Peru (not only  Lima) is full of contrasts and of creative nature.  There are many poets, and many of them are outstanding. Nevertheless, these new voices merit attention and high regard.  All of them, though they come up with different styles, setup, subjects and intensity, are in agreement and present an evident quality and force. We hope to overcome distances with language and space and that this small part of Lima (in a new delivery, we will find far richer and starry skies from the country side) can fill your eyes and hearts, my dear readers.


Andrea Cabel]

[Traducció d'Ana María Falconí





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